It seems that there is no end to the rising popularity of body washes anytime sooner. Current trends indicate a drastic shift in the momentum in favor of the shower gel aficionados. Body wash or more commonly known as shower gels have many advantages over a conventional bathing soap. These gels are far more sanitary than the soap bars you often find covered in body hair of others.

Shower gels are well-packed and easier to squeeze out. Here, we have reviewed one of the most amazing shower gels St. Ives Soft and Silky Body Wash to indulge your skin in deep moisture. The body wash is enriched with cocoa butter, coconut milk and glycerin to form a creamy formula that nourishes your body naturally after every wash.  You can find this wonderful product at one of our stores in fond du lac wi.

St. Ives Soft and Silky Body Wash:

St. Ives triple butter creamy body wash enriched with coconut and orchid provides deep hydration and moisturizes your skin to keep it smooth and healthy. Coconut and orchid body wash have a nice sweet coconut fragrance along with the high exfoliating properties of coconut milk.

It is a hypoallergenic product that is great for sensitive skin and does not cause breakouts. The gel also cleans remarkably well and leaves you feeling fresh and moisturized. The gel lathers up nicely and makes your skin feel amazingly soft and smooth because of its creamy and luxurious formula. You will emerge more fragrant and refreshed. It forms a thin, invisible film on the skin that prevents eliminating too much moisture from the skin.

The fragrance exuded by the compounds comprising this body wash is akin to scents used for helping relax in herbal saunas and baths. The fluid-like composition of the St. Ives Soft and Silky body wash has combined the best of the surfactants to form a foamy bathing experience where minimal rubbing is required.

Benefits of St. Ives Soft and Silky Body Wash

If you need a skin that looks and feels incredibly soft, smooth and fresh along with your favorite coconut scent, then this is the product you should get for your body.

  • It is made of all the natural ingredients for cleansing and moisturizing your body exceptionally well.
  • It has natural moisturizers like glycerin for nourishing your skin to leave it smooth and supple.
  • The body wash has a lightly sweet and tropical scent of coconut to keep you fresh and relaxed.
  • St. Ives is ideal for dry and sensitive skin and is dermatologist tested.
  • It forms creamy lather which cleans your body gently without causing any irritation.
  • The ingredients used in the body wash are meticulously picked for delighting the senses while they work on your skin.
  • It is hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

The capacity of one bottle of this body wash is 24 ounces which last a long time. It rinses quite well and leaves you feeling soft with no soap residue. If you are still using soap bars, this is good time that you should replace it with one of the best shower gels: St. Ives Soft and Silky Body Wash.