tena overnight pads

If you’re looking for the most comfortable menstrual pads, it’s probably because you are tired of wearing chemical-laden swabs pressing hard against your lady parts 24/7 for seven days a month. And it is not only about those seven months, the necessity to use pads arises month after month and year after year. You need pads that are comfortable, soft and breathable. This is why we have gone all-out to bring better and softer menstrual pads for all ladies who need longer and wider design for added protection while lying down.  We carry the Tena Serenity Overnight pads at our Bargain City fond du lac store.

Tena Serenity Overnight Pads is one such product that we always recommend to our lady clients because it features a unique soft top sheet that absorbs moderate to heavy bladder leakage quickly.

Tena Serenity Overnight Pads:

Serenity Overnight Pads are designed to meet one of the most crucial concerns among many women and that is to slumber carefree. They have a larger coverage area with enough thickness for your needs. Most importantly, these pads are friendlier to the environment and seem to hold the same amount of liquid like any other ultra-pad but in a different way.

These new and reinvented pads are thin and have compressed channels that distribute the fluid evenly for long-lasting and comfy pads. They don’t leak and are perfect for dry and cozy nights. Its absorbency is unsurpassable to any other regular pads. These ultimate overnight pads are amazing and can be worn for a day and still they will never fall apart. These aren’t scented, easily stick to any underpants and adjust to fit your body for added comfort and flexibility.

These sanitary pads are perfectly long and provide excellent protection from side leaks. Even though these pads are a little more expensive than other brands, high comfort level and dryness offered by these pads is worth few extra dollars. These are great for ladies who bleed excessively and work remarkably well for them.

Benefits of Tena Serenity Overnight Pads:

Leakage protection is not needed only during the day but overnight as well. With Tena Serenity, you get the kind of protection you need for spending a comfortable night without any worries related to leakage and curled sanitary pad. These thin pads prevent leaks and keep your bed dry while you sleep.

  • The pads absorb fluid in seconds.
  • The channels pull fluid deep into the core and keep it away from the edges for better protection.
  • Provides outstanding overnight protection.
  • The pad fits your curves and ensures the comfort needed during wear.
  • The soft cover of the pad keeps you feeling clean and dry. You will not feel any discomfort or wetness from this pad.

One pack of these Tena Serenity Overnight Pads holds 30 pads. These pads are all set to bring you a good night sleep. Each pad is sixteen inches in length which are pretty good for covering a large area from front to back. This incontinence product is specifically designed to absorb urine and lock it away. These pads feature super absorbent technology in a much lighter product for additional protection that gives you confidence for a fearless night.

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